yuanyang country in Honghe city, Yunnan province is famous for the Yuanayang Rice terrace.The world's largest rice terrace were developed by the Hani ethnic group more than 1300 years ago.

The Yuanyang Terraces Fields are located in the south of Ailao Mountain in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province, which is a masterpiece of the Hani people. Yuanyang County is full of mountains, all the terraces are built on the hillside with a slope between 15 degrees to 75 degrees. The local Hani people cultivate the terraced fields with the change of mountain shape. Thus there are would be thousands piece of terrace fields scattered a mountain. This huge scale terraces fields are stretching in the south bank of Red River region which covers Yuanyang County , Jinping County, Honghe County and Lvchun County etc. Yuanyang Terraces Fields is the core area of them. The Hani Terraces Fields successfully listed on the World Heritage list on Jun. 22, 2013, becoming the 45th World Heritage Site of China.

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