The cultural and communication center in south Yunnan.

Jianshui is a city of Honghe prefecture,south part of Yunan about 220km far from Kunming.Previously, it has been known as Ling'an. Jianshui is one of the earliest developed cities in south Yunnan that enjoys the fame of being an ancient cultural city and important gateway. Since the Yuan Dynasty, it was the political, cultural and communication center in south Yunnan. The Jianshui food enjoys a good reputation in the whole regions of Yunnan.
In 1994,Jianshui was listed among the China’s Third Batch of Historic and Cultural Cities by the State Council. For more than 1,200 years, Jianshui boasts of more than fifty well-preserved old architectures, and is deemed as a live museum of folk residences and ancient architectures.
The city has rich cultural relics such as the Chaoyang Gateway Arch, the Jianshui Confucious Temple, the Zhilin Temple, Shuanglong Bridge, the Private Garden of the Zhu Family and the Ancient Wells scattering in the old town, etc. 

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