Puzhehei is a word from Yi language means “a place abundant in fish and shrimps”. It in the southeast of Yunnan. It is a beautiful palace surround by 68 Karst Lake and more than 300 mountain peaks. Visitors like name it as "the Guilin in Yunnan". The lipid lakes countless green hills and flourishing lotus flowers and Yi villages attract people all over the world to here every year. Especially the lotus flowers blooming in July - August.

This tourist region in Qiubei County in the southeast of Yunnan Province is a charming land boasting beautiful karst land formations, lakes and the unique cultures of the Zhuang, Miao, Yi and Bai ethnic groups living there.
Puzhehei, 11 km from Qiubei County, covering an area of 85 square km, is a basin scenic area with some 300 green isolated peaks fringing the banks of the lakes. Girls of the Zhuang ethnic group dressed in folk costumes which are adorned with jingling silver ornaments and embroidery, row little wooden boats and send visitors along the winding 21-km water corridor through Luoshuidong Lake, Puzhehei Lake and Xianren Lake. There are about 100 karst caves, most with two floors--a higher dry cave and a lower wet cave with an elevation of 1,450 meters.
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