Baoshan Stone Village Lijiang

Baoshan Stone Village Lijiang
One hundred kilometers north of Lijiang, Baoshan Stone Village (Bǎoshān Shítou Chéng, 宝山石头城) sits atop a massive rock in Jinsha River Valley . Surrounded by cliffs, the only connection to the outside world is a narrow path. The Jinsha River runs next to the village providing a source of water to an otherwise completely isolated location.

The village has many guesthouses and there are very few visitors. There are 2 roads that lead to Baoshan.

The Short route (4 hours) goes directly through the Jade Dragon Snow mountain scenic area. However, when you reach the gate, all tourists (Chinese + Foreigner) will be charged 185 Yuan for driving through the scenic area. They will know you are a tourist because they will ask each person in the car a question in Naxi language. If you can't reply you must pay. When you purchase the ticket, let them know you are going to Baoshan and you can use the same ticket for your return trip. Total drive time is 4 hours with only a short bathroom break. All passengers are charged 50 Yuan for the drive.

The Long route (7 hours) goes around the Jade Dragon Snow mountain. Although it is only 26 km longer, it begins on the road to Ning Lang (Lugu Hu) which is still in terrible condition. The extra 26 km will take 2 hours because of the construction and traffic. Total drive time is 7 hours which includes bathroom breaks and stopping to eat. Chinese and foreign tourists will be charged 150 Yuan while locals only pay 50 Yuan. The reason tourists are charged more is because the driver must drive longer to avoid the Jade Dragon Snow mountain fee.

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