Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Located 25 kilometers north of Lijiang, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost snow-capped mountain in China, and the ocean glacier nearest to the equator of all the snow mountains in Eurasia. Jade Snow mountain Snow has 13 peaks, the main peak, is 5,596 meters above sea level.   All year around, snow falls on the peaks and which are frequently lost in the clouds and fog. Looking from a distance, the mountain resembles a Jade Dragon (Yulong), which is how it got its name.

With an area of 396 k㎡, the Jade Dragon Snow mountain scape area includes the Snow mountain and part of its east area. Famous for its ice and snow sights, altiplano and meadow attractions, virgin forest and landscape, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the core area of Lijiang Old Town's natural sight. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the highest mountainous region among the Yunlin mountain chain; it is also the mountain of the lowest latitude in the Northern Hemisphere with glacier. The mountain is formed by 13 mountains with the average height of over 5000 meters (3.105 miles); its peak mountain named Shanzidou which is as steep as a fan, with a height of 5596 meters (3.48 miles), is the second highest mountain in Yunnan. The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is honored as the holy mountain in Naxi ethnic group; they think the mountain is the incarnation of their guardian. The mountain is also named as"Boshioulu"by the Naxi ethnic group which means silver mountain rock. The 13 mountains stretch 50 km (31.05 miles) from north to south like a jade dragon jumping over, hence its name Jade Dragon. It has another name"Black&White Snow Mountain"because the mountain is mainly formed by lime stone and basalt which are black and white.

The 21-mile long Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range towers over the Lijiang area and forms one side of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. At 5,596m, Fan Peak (Shanzifeng) is the tallest of the mountain’s 13 peaks.

Jade dragon snow mountain is a sanctuary for rare animals and wild plants. in fact, one fourth of all plant species in china can be found here and 20 primeval forest communities shelter a big family of 400 types of trees and 30 kinds of animals which are protected by the state. these species live in different temperature levels and create different kinds of views of jade dragon snow mountain. the 13 peaks, which have the altitudes of at least 4,000 meters, are covered by snow all year round; the mountain is called the "natural glacier museum" for it has all types of glacier. move down from the mountaintop and you can see rivers and pools, which are formed by the thawed snow water running along the valley and through the forests. the plants and the animals are different according to the altitude, so are the views. every sight brings you a surprise and every step takes you to a new scene. each of the meadows on jade dragon snow mountain has its own special character due to their different landscape and height. for instance, yunshanping (spruce plateau) is grassland with gigantic spruces whilst ganhaizi (dry sea) used to be a highland lake as its name tells, the meadow was formed after the water had dried up.

Three rope ways are distributed on the mountain; Glacier Park, Spruce Meadow ropeway and Yak ropeway. It is suggested that the tourists take Spruce Meadow ropeway and Yak Meadow ropeway to the height of 3600 meters (2.24 miles); Oxygen should be taken along with if Glacier Park ropeway is taken because the ropeway would send you to the height of 4506 meters (2.8 miles) which is the snow line.

Glacier Park

Glacier park you can get to the highest attraction Glaciers Park of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area on an altitude of 4506m. When getting of the cable car on 4506m altitude, you can still walk a distance to the highest point in the scenic area - place on 4680m altitude. 

Spruce Meadow

Yunshanping (Spruce Plateau) is grassland with gigantic spruces whilst.


Ganhaizi (Dry Sea) used to be a highland lake as its name tells, the meadow was formed after the water had dried up.

Yak Meadow

The Yak meadow is on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. At an elevation of 3500 metres, this place is a quiet grass field. The place is very peaceful and devoid of crowd. Most people say that this place is comparable to Switzerland and Sweden when it comes to its mountainous beauty.