Cangshan Mountain in Dali

Cangshan Mountain

The Cangshan Mountain, also known as Dian Cang Mountain or Holy Golden Eagle Mountain, is situated northwest to the Dali City. The Cangshan Mountain stands east to the Erhai Lake facing west to the Black Hui River. There are 19 major summits on the Cangshan Mountain, most of which have an altitude of over 3,500 meters. The stretching summits are like a sleeping dragon lying from north to south. One of the main summits, the Malong Peak, has an altitude of 4,122 meters, thus it is covered with snow all the year round. It is said that the snow will not melt even in the hottest days of summer. And the Snow, one of the renowned 4 wonders (the Wind, the Flower, the Snow and the Moon) of the Dali City, refers to the amazingly beautiful snow scene on the Cangshan Mountain.

It makes a marvelous scene that there is a clear brook running down from one summit joining another brook from another summit and in the end all flowing into the Erhai Lake. Observing from afar, 19 summits with 18 alternating brooks have made such a unique and fascinating view.

There many places of interests with rich Bai (a characteristic minority group) culture heritage at the foot of the Cangshan Mountain. There are the well-known Three Towers of Chongsheng Temple, the Buddhist Picture Tower, the Inaction Temple, the Taoxi Zhonghe Temple, the Nine Dragon Virgin Pool, the three pools of Clear Green Temple and the Enlightenment Temple.