Jizu Mountain

Jizu Mountain

Jizu Mountain is in Binchuan Country,  about 30 km west of Shimonoseki, distance of about 100 km,400 km from Kunming. Mountain East-West length of7 km, 6 km wide north-south, Tianzhu Feng peak, also known as peak, 3240 meters above sea level, because of the Tianzhu peak as the central, the top three peak, drag a ridge, a mountain, it is named" Jizu Mountain", also known as the green mountain, on top of rock.

Jizu Mountain scenery, and Emei, Jiuhua, five, comparable to the Yandang Mountain, with the "view of the four eight" Sheng said. Jizu Mountain is not only beautiful scenery, but also in the famous Buddhist holy sites, Yunnan Dali tour now Jizu Mountain has built a tramway, convenient for tourists.

Legend has it that the Buddha 's disciples, Shakya Muni drinking in the light leaves the monk, holding gold shabby robes, with the tooth into Jizu Mountain. On the south side of the peak are giant natural Shimen, legend has it that is Kasyapa keep clothes detachment office. Miyan tower in front of two seat, who drink light Twin Towers,4 meters high, is the Ming Dynasty constructed, is well-preserved.

During the Tang Dynasty, Buddhist here bristly, static chamber throughout. Yuan and Ming period, built on Jizu Mountain as well as light temple consisting mainly of 8Temple71 jungle. Qing Dynasty Guangxu years, Jizu Mountain is more developed into a consecrated temple as the center of the 36Temple 72, a total of 108temples of large construction scale, and as many as two thousand or three thousand people.

The famous chicken Hill eight namely: Cangshan, Erhai back to LAN, snow waterfall cloud, Hua Shouqing thunder, the Tianzhu yard, Buddha, Wanhe Songtao, heavy rock flashback.