Weibaoshan mountain

Weibaoshan mountain
The Weibao Mountain is one of most important scenic spots in Yunnan. It is also one of China's most famous Daoist holy mountains. The Mural of Dancing in the Wenchan Hall, situated on the mountain, is the only ancient Daoist mural in Yunnan Province preserved. The mural reveals the life of the ancient Yi ethnic group and their unique customs and lifestyles. Qingxia Temple, also known as Laojun Temple, is another Daoist temple located on Weibao Mountain. Traditional temple fairs are held there every other month, attracting both Daoist believers and local people. Add to this a food festival which is held in March every year. The Weishan snack festival is held in Weishan old town of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. Visitors swarm to Weishan old town to get a taste of over 100 different kinds of local food on offer during the 3-day festival.Weishan is still virtually untouched by tourism and commercialization. Although Dali is an interesting place where you can meet foreign travelers and exchange stories, it does not feel nearly as authentic as Weishan.