Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land (it is located in Xintian town, Dongchuan,the north east of Kunming. From Kunming to the center of the scenic spots about 250 km by car, the main attractions at an altitude of 1800 to 2600 between. Under the influence of the high temperature and rainy weather, the soil here is a kind of acidity soil which contains rich iron, aluminum but with less organic matter. The iron elements of the soil have been depositing year by year after oxidation and then the charming red color is formed after centuries. Lined with blue sky, white clouds and that unpredictable light, constitute a magnificent view of red land.

The best time to visit here is

May to June

The white potato flowers are right blooming with the golden wheat, green crops decorates the red fields under the blue sky and white clouds. The land shows a colorful view here.

September to November

Autumn is the harvest season, also is another wonderful season to photo the red fields. This period you can see the unique white rapeseed flowers of Yunnan, the green highland barley,wheat in the fields.