Tuanshan Village

Tuanshan Village ( is a nice village about 8 km to the west of Jianshui. The village has about 237 households and over 90% villagers have the surname of Zhang. As most of them are the descendant of a Zhang family from Jiangxi province who immigrated to here about 600 years ago.The village has preserved a great number of ancient and traditional architectures. Most of the houses are made of clay walls and tile roofs. The entrance to it is a watchtower on which embrasures can be easily seen. Exploring into the houses, one can find there are lots of ages-old wood carvings on the doors and windows as special decorations. The Family Zhang’s Garden is the highlight of the village. Other typical old constructions with it include the East Gate, North Gate, South Gate, Upper Temple, Lower Temple, and Family Zhang’s Ancestral Hall etc.)