Xishuanbanna Primitive Forest Park

Xishuanbanna Primitive Forest Park which is lies in the 8km east of Jinghong. As one of the large comprehensive eco scenic attractions in Xishuangbanna, the park with an area of 25,000 mu (equal to 1,700 hectares). It integrates tropical scenery and ethnic cultures of Xishuangbanna as an intriguing tourist destination. It boasts 10 scenic areas such as the well-preserved Ravine Tropical Rainforest in the south of Tropical of Cancer, Peacocks Raising Base, Monkey Taming Base, Cultural Show Plaza, Ai’ni (a branch of the Hani minority) Village, Nine Dragon Waterfall, Manfeilong White Pagoda, 100-meter-long Granite Relief Carvings, Jinhu Lake Folklore, and Barbecue Rank etc. It highlights three themes: primeval forest, wild lives and ethnic customs and cultures.