Mengla Sky Tree Park (Wangtinshu)

Mengla Sky Tree Park (Wangtinshu) this scenic attraction is located in Mengla County of Xishuangbanna Prefecture which is about 130km away from Jinghong city.It is the only oasis at 21 degrees north latitude, and has been recognized internationally as China’s unique tropical rain forest. What is the most impressive in the park are the towering Shorea chinensis (Sky Trees) that are the rain forest iconic images in South and Southeast Asia. An Aerial Corridor (Kong Zhong Zou Lang), 100 meters long and 36 meters high, has been built on the high canopies. It remains a challenge to both visitors and scientists. The well-protected tropical rain forest that was discovered by the Chinese reputed botanist Mr. Cai Xitao (1911-1981) and witnessed by Prince Philip of the UK, surprised many people when it was unveiled to the outside world.