Dynamic Yunnan show

Dynamic Yunnan show is a new product of stage art, which combines the beauty of tradition and modernity. The performance re-organizes the essence of original rural songs and dances, and the classics of folk dance in China, successfully demonstrating the rich ethnic colors of Yunnan. With the blending of the most original, humanistic, and sacred rural dances and the classics of folk dances, as well as the visual illusion of time and space, the performance creates a world of reality and fiction. Dynamic Yunnan show predicates the birth of a new art form of stage art in China.
The famous dancer Yang Liping, who choreographed and produced the performance, also serves as the play's director and stars in it as well.
Seventy percent of the performers are local residents of ethnic minorities, aged from 6 to 70. There will be more than 600 sets of hand-made costumes collected from villages in Yunnan, 180 unique masks in the style of Yunnan ethnic minorities, and 68 original drums. Some of the stage settings like bullheads, Tibetan praying stones (Mani stones), and Buddhist praying wheels are also genuine.
Show time :  20:00- 21:30