China Yi Ethnic Group 10-Month Solar Calendar Cultural Park

The 10-month solar calendar was invented by the ancestors of the Yi ethnic group. According to the local calendar, one year contains 365.25 days as it claims that it takes 36525 days for the earth to move around the sun in one circle.The five surplus days are used for worshipping and sacrifice. It determines the seasons according to the direction of the Big Dipper and each year contains 10 months plus 5 days, with each month having 36 days. The seasons of a year are so accurate that no other ancient calendars can compare with. Thus, it is of great importance for studying the culture of the Yi ethnic group. With the ancient solar calendar as the theme, the park serves as a museum to display the outstanding cultural heritage of the Yi ethnic group. In addition, the park reflects a good combination of research on culture, folklore and art exchanges of the Yi ethnic group with local popular entertainment and commerce.)