Tengchong is located in the western edge of Yunnan province, 760km west of the provincial capital-Kunming. This city borders with Myanmar in the northwest for 151km. It is the well known hometown of oversea Chinese and the important trade center of Jade products as well as the provincial historical and cultural city. The city abound of hot springs and volcanoes. There are over 80 steaming fountain hot streams and boiling fountains. Ten of them spout hot water of 90 C and upward. Natural resources are plentiful. With the Tengchong Tuofeng Airport went into service in early 2009, more and more travelers come to explore this city every year.  The highlights around Tengchong are Rehai Hot Spring Park, Volcanoes Geology Park, Heshun Old Town , Baihai Wetland and Yufeng Mountain etc.  
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