One day in Stone Forest Kunming and Nuohei Village

Openning time:  7:00—18:00

Warm tips
The May holidays in China were in full progress so it's been so crowded. So please avoid the first 3 days in May.

Natural wonders are amongst my favorite places to visit, so Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park has been always my dream destination.
We went on an organised tour by Travel Around Yunnan, with a privately chartered van and guide. Around 8 AM we got picked up and headed to the Stone Forest. It seems we arrived at  9:30 AM.

When we get there,  the first impression was the clean air like in Kunming. Then thousands of limestones were caught in my eyes.

The Stone forest landscape were combined with 3 sections of natural gigantic rock formations, middle and small rocks. The spectacular rock formations were formed millions of years ago. You will have a wonderful views when walked through gaps in the rocks. Every stone standing around the park with nice geographical layout.

When walked further,  the scenic views of rocks reflected in lakes were so amazing.  There's also ethnic dances to watch. According to our guide, they are local Sani people (one branch group of Yi Nationality ).

Later we visited a small village called Nuohei Yi Village. Recommended by our guide Apple. It's about 32km from Stone Forest. The villagers inhabited here is Sani people, a branch of Yi nationality.

The village nestles among mounts and lakes. It's a world of stones, composed of roads paved with polished stones, slate houses, rocky mounts and Karst lakes. Villagers had been using limestone to build their houses for centuries and hundreds of old houses, which have a history of more than a hundred years, are still well preserved in the village today. The lifestyles were preserved well in Nuohei village.

They cooked mutton in their own way.

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