4 days Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Jianshui

We booked 4 days Yuanyang trip with Travel Around Yunnna.

I had to say it's a long way drive into Yuanyang from Kunming but well worth it. I was astonished by the size & the beauty of these terraces. We checked information online said tried avoid rainy day. And we are lucky, all days in our duration were clear and sunny.

These magnificent terraces were so wonderful when the clouds lifted and the rain stopped, which is also the best time for photography.

Sunrise in Duoyishu was fascinating, the extraordinary  sights of velvety hills and the first of the rice terraces greeted us on the way into Yuanyang County.  ( We lived in Timeless hotel, with a good location to see terrace.  After sunrise time, we had short walks among the fields. It was  a very rewarding experience. From a stunning view from upper fileds, you can see the rice terrace with the reflection of the water and sun. It's so beautifully amazing!

It was in October,  the harvest time, we can see working people in the fields, the rice turns yellow or grey. It's the best way to understand the area, meet the people and walk in the terrace.

My warm tips for visiting Yuanyang:

Best time to see :  Nov- March
Especially, water in the terraces makes the sunrises and sunsets particularly spectacular.
Best spot for sunrise: Duoyishu
Duoyishu Scenic Spot to take sunrise photos :( the best position is on the right side of the middle platform, can capture light reflecting off of the thousands of pools below)
Best spot for sunset: Laohuzui , Bada
best spot for sea of clouds & sunset: Bada

Best time for photography: sunrise to early morning, and late afternoon to sunset.

At one afternoon ,  we spend a whole day afternoon outside in the villages. Had a unique opportunity to approach the villagers and see their special techniques of agriculture. The local Hani and Yi women dressing with different clothes and taked in different dialects, it's the real rural China.

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