Until now, Meili Snow mountain in Yunnan was still not conquered by human being. The local Tibetan people are worshiped it as a fairy mountain, acknowledged as inviolability.


In the World War II, one of the supply lines between China and the allies was passed through there. Namely, the Hump helped Flying Tigers to achieve iconic status. In the mean time, more and more people get to know the Hump road are original from Tigers.From 1942 to end of the war, the route totally carried  73 million tons of goods and materials.

Among the hundreds of summit groups, there are 27 summits with the elevation of more than 5000m above the sea level and 6 summits at 6000m above the sea level. The main summit Kawa Gebo has an elevation of 6740m above the sea level. The mountain under the permanent snow layer is the heaven of various vertically distributed animals and plants, and the bare rock layer and the red roil are in the dry and hot valley under the mountain and at the river bank, fully demonstrating the stereoscopic climate and the stereoscopic landform. From here, you can also see the Lancangjiang Meli Gorge with long steep wall. 

Mingyong glacier was under the Kabagarbo peak, it’s one of the most fascinating attraction in the Meili Snow mountain scenic area.

The most splendid view is of the Kawagebo Peak, the highest in Yunnan Province rising about 6,740 meters (22,112.86 feet). It is still a virgin peak for no one has ever reached the top. Meili Snow Mountain is one of the most sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism. Kang Karpo Peak means the God of Snow Mountain in Tibetan, and is a holy land for worshiping.