Exclusive Yunnan Student Tour

An exclusive student tour to Yunnan, discover the minority culture with experience. Students will visit Naigu Stone forest and make farm work in nearby Nuohei Yi village. In Lijiang, they will learn Duoba culture and make DIY T-shirt in Dongba museum. As well as Tibetan Tangka lesson in Shangri La. 


Day 1 Kunming -Shilin (B/-/-)

After meeting with the guide at Kunming airport, then you will drive 1.5-2 hrs to Stone forest area.

Free at leisure the rest time of the day.

Accommodation at Sloane Place Hotel Stone Forest (4*)


Day 2 Naigu stone forest - Nuohei Yi village -Kunming(B/L/-)

In the morning , you will drive to visit Naigu Stone Forest is about 10km to the east of Large Stone Forest. “ Naigu “in the Yi language means old and black. It covers an area of 7.83 square kilometers with the characteristics of magnificence, roughness , primitiveness and simpleness. Seen from outside , the forest resembles an ancient battle field , mysterious. However go inside , it looks like a place luxurious and solemn.

Then will drive to Nuohei Yi Village, which is located in Guishan Town about 32km from Stone Forest (Shilin) County. The villagers inhabited here is Sani people, a branch of Yi nationality. Nuohei come from Yi language means  "monkey pond" The village nestles among mounts and lakes. It's a world of stones, composed of roads paved with polished stones, slate houses, rocky mounts and Karst lakes. Villagers had been using limestone to build their houses for centuries and hundreds of old houses, which have a history of more than a hundred years, are still well preserved in the village today. Students will welcomed by local Yi village people and do activities. 

They will have a variety of activities in Yi village, including learn the folk dance, cook local snacks, hand embroidery of Yi minority and experience of the farm work there. (Please notes our quotation include just one of the items). The local farmers and our guide will have a demonstration for this farm works then they do this interesting activity together. 

Overnight at Sloane Place Hotel Stone Forest (4*)  


Day 3 Shilin - Kunming - Lijiang (B/L/-)

Morning transfer 1.5-2 hrs to Kunming.

Then take the bullet train to Lijiang ( 3 hrs running time).

The guide in Lijiang will pick the group in train station.

Afterward, move to visit Black Dragon Pond ( Located at the foot of the Xingshan Mountainnorth of the city of Lijiang. As the water here is a lucid green color, it gained another name Jade Spring Park (Yuquan Park) and Dongba Culture Museum nearby and learning Dongba culture. Finally, leisure explore Lijiang Old  Town. Lijiang Ancient Town has a history more than 800 years; it was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO 1997. Here you will see the wonderful wooden architecture of Naxi ethnic people.

Lunch at Chinese restaurant, dinner on your own account.

Overnight at Lijiang.


Day 4 Lijiang(B/L/-)

Morning pick up from hotel, drive to visit The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (it is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Consisting of 13 peaks, among which Shanzidou is the highest one with an altitude of 5,600 meters (18,360 feet)with a chair lift ride to up and down to visit the Spruce Meadow (3400m) this place is a quiet grass field. Most people say that this place is comparable to Switzerland and Sweden when it comes to its mountainous beauty.

Then you will drive to Jade Water Village. Apart from traditional homes of the Naxi people, the village includes the Dongba mural gallery, a temple, a sacred natural spring, a theatre for the performance of ancient music, exhibitions and workshops presenting the Naxi peoples Dongba culture. Students will learn Dongba culture there, including how to write Dongba character and DIY T-shirt. They can also take away their own finished T-shirt. 

Accommodation at Liwang Hotel (4*) 


Day 5 Lijiang - Shangri La(B/L/-)

In the morning, will drive to Baisha Village and visit Baisha Fresco (The greatest feature of the frescos is the syncretism. Figures of Buddism, Taoism and Lamaism are painted together, which is peculiar in the world.In actual fact, fresco of this type could be seen not just in Baisha Ancient Town, but other ten temples in Dayan County, Shuhe County, Zhonghai County, Yangxi County and some others.)

Then departure and drive 2.5hrs to Qiaotou Town (only Chinese driver accompany with this transfer). Then start the tour of Tiger Leaping Gorge (Shangri-La section) the deepest gorge in the world. With 34 rapids of the Yangtze River, it is called the Jinsha in this area because you can find gold in the river.

After that, you will drive to Shangri La and check in hotel. 

Accommodation at Salong hotel, standard room 


Day 6 Shangri la(B/L/-)

n the morning, you will go to visit Napa lake, it’s s both an ideal field for herdsmen and a paradise for many species of birds. This is, in the true sense, a seasonal lake. When summer comes, snow on the adjacent mountains melts and flows down into about ten rivers forming a vast lake. In the dry season, Napahai becomes a boundless green grassland - the best time for herding sheep cattle.

In the afternoon, you will drive to Dongkezong ancient town and learning Thang-ga in local museum. Tangka is a kind of scroll painting mounted on silk. Traditionally, Tangka paintings are not only valued for their aesthetic beauty, but primarily for their use as aids in meditational practices. The lecturer will have a Tangka lesson first for the general background of Tangka and then students will paint in the guidance of teacher, it takes around 3 hrs.  

Accommodation at Salong hotel


Day 7 Shangri-La departure

Take a morning flight from Shangri-La to Kunming. Upon arrival Kunming airport , you own take the connection flight to the next destination. (Remark: no guide transit service at Kunming airport )